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Case, Color Ribbon, CMYKP-KPi

Case, Color Ribbon, CMYKP-KPi
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Case, Color Ribbon, CMYKP-KPi, 16 of 513382-305

Yield: 500
Product Type: Retransfer, Color
Compatible Models: CE875,CR825
Supersedes: 741933

Case of 16 Entrust Datacard CMYKP-KPi pigment ink ribbons which are used for printing full-color, black panel for text and barcodes on one side (card flip), black panel for text and barcodes. Featuring an Earth-friendly biodegradable core, CMYKP-KPi ribbons consist of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), primer (P), black (K) and inhibitor (I) panels. Primer panel is needed to adhere images to all card types. Inhibitor panel is used to mask out magnetic stripes and/or signature panels. rnrnOptimal use (1 panel set): Dual side - Full color and black text on front, black text on back.rnrnAlternate use (2 panel sets): Dual side - Full color and black text on front, Full color and black text on back.rnrnCMYKP-KPi ribbon (item# 741934) replaces CMYP-KPi ribbon (item# 741933).

Product Details
SKU 741934
Weight (lbs) 12.186000
Supply Yield 500
Compatible Model CE875, CR825
Supply Type Retransfer, Color
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